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Trust Edge Masterclass Overview

  • The Trust Edge Masterclass is more than online training – it is culture transformation. In this self-paced course, you will learn about developing trust and gaining its advantages starts with each leader, and it then extends to their teams, departments and beyond. Learners are guided through the most valuable content on the Trust Edge Eight Pillar Framework – the eight unique elements of the greatest leaders and organizations of all time, as outlined in Horsager’s national bestseller The Trust EdgeTM. By engaging and interacting with content from this framework, participants will experience powerful personal and professional growth. They can expect to gain faster results, deeper relationships, more committed teams, and a stronger bottom line. This competitive advantage is what we refer to as The Trust EdgeTM.
  • This course contains much of the same information as the Partner Certification Course, although it provides a more personal touch on the content that makes it a great course for people unfamiliar with the Trust Edge materials.
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