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When you filter by “Training”, you are choosing to break down the resources by what type of group you are training. Whether it’s for an organization, team, individual, virtual, or some combination of all. This will allow you to be best prepared for whichever group you are working with.


Organizations include larger groups across a variety of roles. Recommended resources include Trust Shields, Case Study Discussions, and the Lunchroom activity, etc.


Team trainings are usually a smaller and more focused group. Beneficial resources for teams include the Team Assessment, Scenario Discussion Guides, 90 Day Quick Plans, etc.


Individual or 1 on 1 coaching sessions can be made better through utilizing the self-assessment, the Trust Pulse Diagnostic assessment and the Trust Edge Concepts Guide.


Many resources can be utilized well virtually, but there are a few that have worked better than others These resources include the Situations Group Discussions, the Full-Day Presentation Kits, and sending people to breakout rooms with the 8-Pillar Scenario Discussion Guides.

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