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Trust Edge Certification Course Overview

The Trust Edge Certification Course includes a mix of actionable videos, teachings from David Horsager, quizzes, reflection exercises, and facilitation training. As a Certified Partner you are equipped to facilitate Trust Edge content, utilize unlimited assessments, and train with the Trust Edge 8-Pillar FrameworkTM to build a high-trust organization. The certification course is the first step in becoming certified in the Trust Edge material. This course is comprised of 6 modules and is ran in a cohort with the Trust Edge team over a 6-week period.

Course Overview:

  • Module 1 covers the 8-Pillars of Trust. This is the core content that you will use to begin building high-trust cultures and individuals to create lasting change in an organization. Your first assignment is in this module – completing your Trust Shield and sharing a few pieces of it with your cohort.
  • Module 2 covers storytelling and how to facilitate. David walks you through the best practices for how to create buy in through storytelling and best practices for facilitating the 8-Pillars of Trust
  • Module 3 covers the deeper nuances behind each of the 8-Pillars and story building. These nuances cover a broad range of topics from how the pillars tie to one another to how do the pillars tie to core business issues. This module includes your second assignment which is facilitating the Case for Trust.
  • Module 4 covers more on nuances as well as mind mapping for custom stories.
  • Module 5 covers the final nuances along with your third assignment of presenting one of the 8 Pillars along with a custom story.
  • Module 6 covers how you can leverage the Trust Edge Platform to begin measuring trust, preparing your material, and navigating the platform. You will also be met with recordings from past certified partners to learn about what has worked within organizations. The final assignment will be submitting your “What’s Next” plan to our team so we can help you stay accountable.

Submitting your assignments:

  • When you reach the 4 assignments within this course, there will be instructions within the course on the relevant “Lesson” page. There will be two ways to submit these assignments, you can either submit it:
    • Via our Facebook Group (Preferred)
    • Using the Sharepoint FileBox link
      • Title your video (Ex. Compassion-John-Doe)
      • Upload your file or video through the above link
      • Our team will reach out via email with feedback on your assignment

If you have any questions on completing your certification course, please reach out to the leader of your cohort, ask your question in the Facebook Group or email