How to Set Up a Self-Assessment – Trust Edge Platform

How to Set Up a Self-Assessment

The Trust Edge Self-Assessment is a 24 question assessment that will provide results around the 8-Pillars of Trust. We believe that this assessment can help provide a decent picture of where to start with trust assuming the respondent is answering the questions honestly about themself.

Upon completion of the assessment, the respondent will be able to see their strongest and weakest pillars along with some suggestions for improvement. At the bottom of the outfacing results page, they will be able to view their scores per pillar.

Click Here to Take a Sample Assessment

Setting Up a Self-Assessment

  • After you create your organization and segments using *this article* you will need to create your individual link for each
  • To do this, make sure you have the correct segment selected in the drop-down menu in the row aligned with the organization
  • Select the Single icon *SHOW ICON*
  • In the upper left-hand corner, you should see an “Open New Assessment” button, select it
  • Once you select this, an open and close date option will show up. This open and close date will not appear for anyone who you are assessing so we recommend that you select today’s date as the start date and add 2-3 weeks to your end date to ensure a greater response rate.
  • Click Create
  • The link will appear for this assessment. Anybody who responds through this assessment link will appear on this results page under this segment.
  • Once the Close Date ends the assessment CAN NOT be reopened
  • This page also acts as the analytics dashboard.