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Topics are defined as anything you can use to present or train on. Below you will learn about the structure of this filterable section. Keep in mind that each resource can hold multiple tags and can fall under multiple filtered by sections.

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The two main Topics listed are 8-Pillar Framework and Facilitation & Training.

8-Pillar Framework

When you go a level deeper you will find content focused on each of the 8-Pillars of Trust including things like the Trust Shield exercise under Connection or the How? How? How? framework under Clarity.

Facilitation & Training

When we look at how to better facilitate & train, we look at things like more generalized topics like Culture Improvement along with other training exercises including the Case Study Discussion Guides or How to tell a better story.

As you determine what you begin using for your training materials, keep in mind that you can use these filters to allow you to better pinpoint the resources that help the most on each given pillar. Many of our resources contain all 8-pillars and we encourage you to download these resources as well and pull out the pages or slides that you need to focus on.

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