How to Add Members – Trust Edge Platform

How to Add Members

As a Trust Edge Certified Partner, you obtain the right to add unlimited “members” to the Platform. What is a Member? Members are a lower level of account access that receive access to take a self-assessment on their own, take the Trust Edge Masterclass, and access a few of the basic Trust Edge Resources. This can be seen as a huge value add for your team or the teams you are training. It allows them the ability to do some self-training in the midst of the larger scale program you are rolling out.

How to add members:

  • Click your name in the upper right
  • Select Group Management
  • Select My Groups
  • Click the group you would like to add members to
    • NOTE: If you haven’t created a group yet, click here to learn how
  • Select Send Invites from the menu in the middle of the screen
  • Inviting:
    • Select Send invitations by email
      • Enter email addresses one per line
      • Customize the subject line of the invite
    • (Rare) If the user already has an account on the platform you can search for them