Assign Your First Assessment

In this article, we’ll talk about assigning your first assessment. Before you do this, you will need to create a group and add members.

Step 1:

Go to the Assessments section and click on Self or Team Assessment. Copy the link for either assessment from the URL bar. Links for both are also below.

Team Assessment:
Self Assessment:

Step 2:

Go to the Groups section and post the copied link in the feed for the group you are assessing.

Note: Assessments are associated with groups. This means that when you post the link to the assessment on your groups page, the results will be collected through the group that the assessed users are associated with.

Step 3:

Wait for the results. Results are displayed in the Assessments section under “View Assessment Results.”

Note: Assessment results are calculated on a monthly basis. So you’ll want to notify group members to take an assigned assessment after the start and before the end of a given month.


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