• 14 Lessons

    Trust Edge Certification

    The Trust Edge Certification is a six week training that equips you with the framework and tools to build trust. High-trust leaders make the greatest impact with their people and enjoy incredible business results. As a Trust Edge Partner, you learn how to identify and solve the root problem in teams and organizations.
    Certification Overview:
    • Module 1:
      • Complete the virtual Trust Edge Experience
      • Learn the Case for Trust and 8-Pillar Framework™. This is the core content that you will use to build a high-trust culture and affect lasting change in your organization
    • Module 2:
      • Gain facilitation best practices
      • Learn how to create buy-in through storytelling
    • Module 3:
      • Learn nuances to the 8 Pillars Framework™
      • Mind map for custom stories
      • Apply and practice the core concepts by facilitating The Case for Trust
    • Module 4:
      • Learn nuances to the 8 Pillars Framework™ (Cont.)
      • Mind map for custom stories
    • Module 5:
      • Learn nuances to the 8 Pillars Framework™ (Cont.)
      • Mind map for custom stories
      • Apply and practice the core concepts by facilitating one of the eight pillars
    • Module 6:
      • Learn how to use the Trust Edge assessments to measure and benchmark trust
      • Get training tactics from Learning & Development professionals and Trust Edge Certified Partners
      • Learn how to cascade trust in organizational culture
      • Create an action plan to gain momentum and build trust
    The certification course includes a mix of actionable videos, teachings from David Horsager, quizzes, reflection exercises, and facilitation training. As a Certified Partner you are equipped to facilitate Trust Edge content, utilize unlimited assessments, and train with the Trust Edge 8-Pillar Framework™ to build a high trust organization!
  • 17 Lessons

    Trust Edge Masterclass

    The Trust Edge Masterclass is more than online training—it is culture transformation. Developing trust and gaining its advantages starts with each leader, and it then extends to their teams, departments, and beyond. Learners are guided through the most valuable content on the Trust Edge Eight Pillar Framework – the eight unique elements of the greatest leaders and organizations of all time, as outlined in Horsager’s national bestseller The Trust Edge™. By engaging and interacting with content from this framework, participants will experience powerful personal and professional growth. They can expect to gain faster results, deeper relationships, more committed teams, and a stronger bottom line. This competitive advantage is what we refer to as The Trust Edge™.
  • 2 Lessons

    Trusted Teams

    Trusted Teams was created for our clients who wanted a more flexible and adaptable way to digitally share Trust Edge across their organization to drive a high-performance culture of trust.  The goal of this course is to build trust within your team. This course has 24 modules. We recommend you view one module per week over 24 weeks or one module per month over 24 months.
  • 16 Lessons

    2020 Trust Edge Coaching Certification

    The Trust Edge Online Certification Course is a flexible training program to become a Trust Edge Certified Coach and gain the benefits of building a high trust culture.
    We understand the frustration of losing time trying to implement flavor-of-the-month training initiatives and coaching models. As a Trust Edge Coach, we equip you to solve real problems, right away. The course includes actionable videos, teaching from David Horsager, learning measurement, membership in our coaching community, and ongoing implementation support. Facilitate Trust Edge content, utilize unlimited assessments, and coach against the Trust Edge 8 Pillar Framework to become a high trust coach!