Trusted Team Program


Trusted Team Program

The Trusted Team program is a prescriptive program for you as the Certified Partner to quickly create a program to build trust within a team or organization. In this process, we will Train, Measure and Reinforce.



Team Assessment

The team-assessment collects each team member’s perspective of their team and what the team can do to continue building their strengths and improve upon their areas of opportunity. We believe the team-assessment, when used honestly, can be a powerful starting place to gather valuable information about a team.


Trust Pulse Diagnostic

The Trust Pulse Diagnostic can be used in a 1-to-1 format with a team leader or in a 1-to-1 meeting with each member of the team. Print the diagnostic worksheet, then sit down and have a conversation around each of the 3 bullet points under every pillar and collaboratively rate where they fall on the 1-10 scale.


Trust Edge Simplified

This is a slide deck package that provides the ability for the Certified Partner to “Co-Teach with David”. Each section of this slide deck has a video of David presenting on the topic. Feel free to allow David’s videos to do the teaching while you do the facilitation during your workshop.


Reinforcement Program

The Trust Edge Reinforcement Program is designed to equip you to lead your team through meetings and discussions to further the work of building and maintaining TRUST. The resources in this program can be used as a starting point for reinforcement ideas.