Trusted Leader Program


Trusted Leader

The Trusted Leader program is a prescriptive program for you as the Certified Partner to quickly create a program to build trust within an individual. In this process, we will Train, Measure and Reinforce.



Self Assessment

The self-assessment provides an analysis on how an individual views themself. Of course, the barrier here is that self-assessments are subjective. We believe the self-assessment, when used honestly, can be a great place to start as you begin a 1-to-1 training with an individual.


Trust Pulse Diagnostic

The Trust Pulse Diagnostic would be used in a 1 on 1 format. Print out the diagnostic guide, then sit down and have a conversation around each of the 3 bullet points under every pillar. After you feel you have a good handle on where the individual falls give them a rating from 1-10.



Trust Edge Masterclass

This is an online training that will guide an individual through the core Trust Edge Content. The impact of developing trust starts with each individual, and it then extends to their teams, departments and beyond. To provide Masterclass access to those you are training you will need to add them as members to the Trust Edge Platform


1 on 1 Coaching

1 on 1 coaching can be provided using a combination of Trust Edge Simplified (TES) and the Trust Edge Concepts Guide (CG). These can be utilized in tandem to teach the core content (TES) and solve more specific issues that appear through the self-assessment (CG).


Trust Edge Reinforcement Program

The Trust Edge Reinforcement Program is designed to equip you to lead your team through meetings and discussions to further the work of building and maintaining TRUST. The resources in this program can be used as a starting point for reinforcement ideas.